Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucky Friday

Just thinking about random things.... I can't wait to hear Asphalt Cocktail! That just sounds like such a cool piece!!! I can't wait until Mackey puts up the audio! I need to put more games on my Blackberry as well as buy a new case for it... Maybe blue, not so sure about just plain black, I kinda like the grey and the orange is decent. Thinking about buying things makes me realize that I still really want my 22" computer monitor... And that I would also like to buy a couch and a new bed. I know it sounds cheap of my but I'm thinking about looking at some pawn shops to see if there is a monitor someplace that I like. My dad went looking for a Bass Guitar for my brother and said that there where some at the pawn shop he went to so I'm thinking about checking them out.

YAY!!! It's lunch time!!!

I want to do more arrangements of songs. I typically do arrangements for tuba quartets but I also want to do different things for brass ensembles and other types of ensembles.

I can't wait to get done with work today and just have the weekend to relax. I'm kinda tempted to go to work tomorrow while Kaela is at work to get more overtime but I also want to use the time to unpack some stuff. Generally, if I have to go outside for anything, I'm awake enough and motivated enough to get things done.

I need new shoes... and pillows... I should buy some more undershirts, boxers and socks so that I can go longer between laundry. Is it sad that I would rather just buy more clothes than actually do the work to keep the clothes I have clean?

I love stretching even though I'm sure I look weird doing it at work. I can't wait to get to the computer lab and look at normal internet stuff before Kaela and I go home. I also can't wait to blast some drum corps in my car on the ride home. Maybe I'll listen to some 2002 Regiment... Mmmmm..... Phantom Regiment playing Shastakovich on G bugles.... Oh sooooo good!

Oh man, there is going to be one mad guy at the end of tonight. He wanted to speak to a supervisor but they where all in a meeting so I told him that I would help him until the supervisor got out. So I did and got his problem fixed but he still wanted to speak to a supervisor because he was pissed that the programmer for Maryland kept releasing forms that sucked. They would have one thing fixed but then another thing wrong. So at the end of the call, the last thing he said was "Oh and make sure Brad calls me by the end of tonight, bye" and then hung up. So I looked on Jabber and Brad was offline. I looked at his desk and he was not there. I went over to where they where having their meeting nobody was there. So I asked my supervisor where Brad was and he said that he's gone home and he won't be back until Monday. Oh yeah, this guy will be pissed. Oh what joy!!!

The day is almost over (14 minutes)(now 13 minutes) and I can't wait to have 2 whole days of no work. Well, I should change that to (12 minutes) 2 days of not being at work. Right now I'm thinking about how I'm a little hungry. I'm not sure what sounds good though... Actually, come to think of it, nothing sounds good. (11 minutes)I need to change out my contacts, they are pretty old now (10 minutes) and starting to not be so pleasant to wear.

(6 minutes)Man I just want to leave right at 5. I'm tempted to use my Personal Break but at the same time (5 minutes) I don't want to risk getting in to trouble for using my Personal Break at the end of the day. (4 minutes)I'm gonna be counting down the seconds before I have to leave. (2 minutes)Dang, I missed a minute reading something on DCP(1 minute). Dang, got a call... (9 minutes past 5...).

The day is done and I'm going home! Well, I'm going to pick up Kaela! later.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things as of late

So number 1 is that I'm gonna be a dad! I'm really excited but still a little nervous at the same time... Although not as much as I was when I first found out.

Number 2 would be that Kaela and I have moved. It's a 2 bedroom apartment that, even though it has it's problems like any other place, is pretty good and a REALLY good deal. Yeah, we do need to get somethings fixed but that is normal. We also still have a ton of stuff to unpack to make it feel like home but we will get there. Hopefully this weekend....

Number 3, work. Work is going good, we are almost out of the rush of the beginning of tax season so things are calming down. The calls are becoming more about tax questions than technical questions so that is meaning that I'm having to speak to Regulatory Rovers a lot.

Everything else is going pretty good. I got a new phone which I had a little regret about but I'm liking it more and more. The more I personalize it, the more it like it. I still need to add every body's phone number to it (stupid SIM card contacts didn't come over...), I need to change my ring tone to the original theme of Reading Rainbow, which is pretty much the coolest song ever (or I might keep at Canon in D from Finals Night), add Hey Ricky back as my new message tone and change my background picture to something more personal to me. Maybe the logo for the new Phantom Regiment show, The Red Violin, maybe something from my tour... Like the picture where everything is a blur, all the lights passing by and what not but you can see the reflection of my jacket in the window. I don't know, we'll see.

I'm thinking of starting a new thing for my blog... I will always leave it open and everytime I'm on hold at work or have a spare minute, I think I'll just jot down my thoughts, feelings, ideas and random what-nots so that when I go back and read it later or somebody else does, they will be completely confused. Actually, now that I think about it, this will pretty much be a work journal. Meh... whatever.

It's 5:11 and I'm done. Later.

Friday, December 26, 2008

New apartment

So Kaela and I have finally decided that we are going to be looking for a new place. It hasn't been easy looking for something that is in our price range that ISN'T a dump or in a bad neighborhood. But there are a few that look decent. One place that looked really promising was a place on 24th and Polk for $475 with all utilities included. But when I finally got a hold of the people to contact, they had already rented it out.

I've been watching craigslist and like crazy and I haven't really found anything. Don't get me wrong, I think that we have a pretty decent deal at our current place but it is getting cramped and Kaela is having a hard time being there lately. There are small windows that provide ZERO light, no bath tub, small kitchen and no privacy between living room, bedroom and den plus our place has a history of flooding because of stupid clay pipes! Literally, the only door besides the front door and back door is the one to the bathroom! One the plus side though, we have tons of storage, all utilities are covered in the rent (including cable and internet, although we had to negotiate the internet with our upstairs neighbor...) free use of the washer and dryer and our landlords are really nice. But we are kind of getting to the point that the cons are out weighing the pros.

So after I am done with this post (assuming I don't get a call....) it's back to hunting for a new apartment!!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. We are going to Golden Corral and I'm going to pig out! Should be fun!!!

So I really want/need to order the 2008 On the Road DVD. It's on pre-order right now for $25, which isn't bad at all for a tour DVD. I'm just excited to see the finals performance not the mention the encore!!! The only bad part is that it's set to ship the first week of January. I was thinking about purchasing the finals DVD but it's just to much for not having the stuff that it used to have in the last few years (commentary by judges and staff, as well as different camera angles other than multi cam and and high cam). This is going to be one of my Christmas gifts to myself as well as a new DVD burner, tower and monitor. I looked at monitors for a few seconds while I was shopping with my dad and man-o-man, do I want a 22 inch monitor! Those things are so freakin' nice!!!!!! I just found a 22 inch monitor on for $149.99

I also need to contact Mr. Wayman about doing lessons on Saturdays at Syracuse High. And I need to try and figure out when I can meet with Steve to get the "something" that he has for me. I can kind of guess what it is but I'm not really sure. But it would be nice to talk with him about next years show and how the music selection is coming along as well as what he plans on doing about the drill. The design was good but there were staging issues and everything was a little to spread out. I'm pretty sure that he's gone with Richard Saucedo, the director at Carmel High school and the arranger for The Cavaliers! I've heard some of his stuff, aside from what he's written for The Cavaliers, and it's not to bad. Then again, I don't know who I'd go with if I had to make the choice. It'd be pretty cool to meet him though, which I only think is possible because Steve is thinking about flying the drill designer out so he might also think about flying Mr. Saucedo out as well.

Ok, well, I'm done for now. I'm realizing that my blogs are long and probably boring to everybody.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stuff that got done (from list posted yesterday):
Look into the YouTube Symphony
Eat Dinner
Take back redbox movie
Took out ALMOST all of the garbage

I still really need to get that stuff done on the original list. I'm sort of ok with putting it off but it does need to happen in order for me to feel better about the way our place looks. It was perfect for the party that Kaela had but now it's just crappy.

Anyway, on the plus side of things, I have some fun things coming up on my calendar. First off, my dad's birthday, which will be fun. I'm getting him the new José Feliciano CD! Also, I told my cousin Gene that we would hang out this Friday. I'm really excited to hang out with him but since my dad's birthday and hanging out with Gene are the same day, I'm not sure what is gonna happen. Of course I'm putting my dad's birthday first but I know everything will work out. Ok, so then, on Saturday, it's TUBA CHRISTMAS!!! This will be the first time that I've ever gone because it's always been a day that I've had something going or had a concert. Should be way fun! Also, I'm subbing for Rob at 3 games this month. I'm ok with doing it even though I don't go to school there anymore because Dr. Keipp is in charge and Rob's gonna pay me for subbing for him. All in all, should be a good month. Oh yeah, there is Christmas and New Years this month, both of which should be fun as well.

Ok, so at the begining of last year, I sent out a flyer for private lessons. I do feel like I am more than able to teach lessons but I'm a little nervious. Unfortunatley, there weren't any takers... Until last night when I got an email from a euphonium player at Davis. He wanted to know if I was still giving lessons and when and where I was doing them at. Since I get off work at 4:30 until the end of the month and then at 5 after that, I'm not sure what to tell him. I'm thinking what I'll do is talk with him and see what would work best as far as where and when and then find a place to teach at. No matter what though, I am nervious. I've already begun to think about what the first few lessons can be about (not to mention I'm already thinking about what I can do next year at Davis....) but I'm still nervious to email him back. Hopefully he saw that I'm offering lessons from one of my flyers and knows that I do charge and will be willing to pay for them.

Anyways, I'm done for now. I need to remember to go and buy a lock for Kaela and get to a T-Mobile to see about getting a new phone.


Monday, December 8, 2008

A few things to work on and random other stuff

I really need to get my butt in gear and finish my works. They have been on hold for a long time now. One is a brass quintet piece and the other is a piece for flugelhorn, euphonium, cello, tuba and possibly percussion. The percussion parts I don't really like so I'm thinking I'll just leave them out. Also, I know it sounds nerdy, but I want to write a peice for wind ensemble. And since I haven't even started, that seems like something really far down the line... I do know though, that it will be something modern and dark (my favorite kind of music!). I also want to finish my arrangement of Ave Maria. It's actually set to be pretty good but I just need to get it done. Also, I've been thinking about writing drill. I don't know how good I'll be at it, if at all, but it's something I've thought about doing. Plus, if I don't try, then I downloaded Pyware for no reason :)

Stuff I want to get done today:
Fold newly cleaned laundry
Hang up clothes that need to be hung up, put the rest in my dresser
Sort laundry
Write and send rent check
Write and send Tax letter
Look into the YouTube Symphony
Eat Dinner
Take back redbox movie
Work out with Kaela
Take out ALL the garbage
Photoshop the family pictures from yesterday!!!

I hope I get ALL of this done in a reasonable time before I have to go to bed.

Well, later.


This is my first post on my "new" blog. I say "new" because I already had this address set up before but decided to delete it because the posts were "lame" and "boring" (Nobody read my blog before thus I am the one saying that they were lame and boring... yes, I'm quoting myself). They were all just random posts about nothing that I would write while I was trying to avoid doing something else. So now on with explaining what this blog will be....

I have a few things in life that I enjoy. Music, tuba, composing, the GLORIOUS and AMAZING activity known as Drum Corps (especially the Phantom Regiment, SUTA!), teaching (music, band, marching band and just anything in general) and takin pictures. This will be my place for all of them. I'm not sure how often I'll update but I will try very had to keep things as updated as possible on all the above topics. I have no idea who will read this but I'm just putting my thoughts and opinions out there for the world to possibly read.

Now with all of that being said, here we go! Ah yes, Mondays! Oh how I love them! And Mondays with snow, even freakin' better!!! Then to make things a BILLION times better, my nose is clogged so I'm breathing out of my mouth!!! Today is already the bestest day ever!!!.... Ok, now that I have that out of my system, it's time to get real. I hate snowy, nose-clogged, sitting-at-work Mondays. Honestly, the only thing that is keeping me going right now is the fact that it's almost lunch time! The calls this morning haven't been to bad today so (HAHA, right as I typed that, I got a call!) it's been a good morning. I do have a few things to do today after work that I'm actually looking forward to doing! I am going to Photoshop my family pictures from yesterday, one of which will be put in one of the frames I got my mom for her birthday and the other I believe will be for a christmas card to be sent out to family and friends. The other thing I have to do today is put all the clothes away that I washed yesterday, as well as some clothes that I washed like 2 weeks ago. I figure it's about time I get this done with.

I'm done for now but I do have a few things that I'll post about when I get back from lunch (which is in 9 minutes). Later.