Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. We are going to Golden Corral and I'm going to pig out! Should be fun!!!

So I really want/need to order the 2008 On the Road DVD. It's on pre-order right now for $25, which isn't bad at all for a tour DVD. I'm just excited to see the finals performance not the mention the encore!!! The only bad part is that it's set to ship the first week of January. I was thinking about purchasing the finals DVD but it's just to much for not having the stuff that it used to have in the last few years (commentary by judges and staff, as well as different camera angles other than multi cam and and high cam). This is going to be one of my Christmas gifts to myself as well as a new DVD burner, tower and monitor. I looked at monitors for a few seconds while I was shopping with my dad and man-o-man, do I want a 22 inch monitor! Those things are so freakin' nice!!!!!! I just found a 22 inch monitor on for $149.99

I also need to contact Mr. Wayman about doing lessons on Saturdays at Syracuse High. And I need to try and figure out when I can meet with Steve to get the "something" that he has for me. I can kind of guess what it is but I'm not really sure. But it would be nice to talk with him about next years show and how the music selection is coming along as well as what he plans on doing about the drill. The design was good but there were staging issues and everything was a little to spread out. I'm pretty sure that he's gone with Richard Saucedo, the director at Carmel High school and the arranger for The Cavaliers! I've heard some of his stuff, aside from what he's written for The Cavaliers, and it's not to bad. Then again, I don't know who I'd go with if I had to make the choice. It'd be pretty cool to meet him though, which I only think is possible because Steve is thinking about flying the drill designer out so he might also think about flying Mr. Saucedo out as well.

Ok, well, I'm done for now. I'm realizing that my blogs are long and probably boring to everybody.


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