Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucky Friday

Just thinking about random things.... I can't wait to hear Asphalt Cocktail! That just sounds like such a cool piece!!! I can't wait until Mackey puts up the audio! I need to put more games on my Blackberry as well as buy a new case for it... Maybe blue, not so sure about just plain black, I kinda like the grey and the orange is decent. Thinking about buying things makes me realize that I still really want my 22" computer monitor... And that I would also like to buy a couch and a new bed. I know it sounds cheap of my but I'm thinking about looking at some pawn shops to see if there is a monitor someplace that I like. My dad went looking for a Bass Guitar for my brother and said that there where some at the pawn shop he went to so I'm thinking about checking them out.

YAY!!! It's lunch time!!!

I want to do more arrangements of songs. I typically do arrangements for tuba quartets but I also want to do different things for brass ensembles and other types of ensembles.

I can't wait to get done with work today and just have the weekend to relax. I'm kinda tempted to go to work tomorrow while Kaela is at work to get more overtime but I also want to use the time to unpack some stuff. Generally, if I have to go outside for anything, I'm awake enough and motivated enough to get things done.

I need new shoes... and pillows... I should buy some more undershirts, boxers and socks so that I can go longer between laundry. Is it sad that I would rather just buy more clothes than actually do the work to keep the clothes I have clean?

I love stretching even though I'm sure I look weird doing it at work. I can't wait to get to the computer lab and look at normal internet stuff before Kaela and I go home. I also can't wait to blast some drum corps in my car on the ride home. Maybe I'll listen to some 2002 Regiment... Mmmmm..... Phantom Regiment playing Shastakovich on G bugles.... Oh sooooo good!

Oh man, there is going to be one mad guy at the end of tonight. He wanted to speak to a supervisor but they where all in a meeting so I told him that I would help him until the supervisor got out. So I did and got his problem fixed but he still wanted to speak to a supervisor because he was pissed that the programmer for Maryland kept releasing forms that sucked. They would have one thing fixed but then another thing wrong. So at the end of the call, the last thing he said was "Oh and make sure Brad calls me by the end of tonight, bye" and then hung up. So I looked on Jabber and Brad was offline. I looked at his desk and he was not there. I went over to where they where having their meeting nobody was there. So I asked my supervisor where Brad was and he said that he's gone home and he won't be back until Monday. Oh yeah, this guy will be pissed. Oh what joy!!!

The day is almost over (14 minutes)(now 13 minutes) and I can't wait to have 2 whole days of no work. Well, I should change that to (12 minutes) 2 days of not being at work. Right now I'm thinking about how I'm a little hungry. I'm not sure what sounds good though... Actually, come to think of it, nothing sounds good. (11 minutes)I need to change out my contacts, they are pretty old now (10 minutes) and starting to not be so pleasant to wear.

(6 minutes)Man I just want to leave right at 5. I'm tempted to use my Personal Break but at the same time (5 minutes) I don't want to risk getting in to trouble for using my Personal Break at the end of the day. (4 minutes)I'm gonna be counting down the seconds before I have to leave. (2 minutes)Dang, I missed a minute reading something on DCP(1 minute). Dang, got a call... (9 minutes past 5...).

The day is done and I'm going home! Well, I'm going to pick up Kaela! later.

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Girlglasses said...

You're cute, honey, but this sporadic posting thing isn't really working. I can't seem to understand where one thought starts and the other begins.